Caravan Bass Saxophone Mouthpiece

The Caravan Bass Saxophone Mouthpiece is made by converting a Caravan Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece through the process of refacing it by hand to make it more suitable for the bass. This produces a vintage-style mouthpiece for the bass since the Caravan Baritone Mouthpiece is a vintage-style large-body mouthpiece very similar to the baritone/bass mouthpieces manufactured mostly in the period 1920-1940 in the U.S., with just different facings to best suit each instrument. (These early bass saxophone mouthpieces typically had a single "B" stamped onto the surface near the manufacturer's trade mark or to one side of the body just off the table for the reed.)  The proprietary facing changes the suitability of the mouthpiece somewhat away from the range and voicing appropriate for the baritone saxophone and, in turn, much better enables the mouthpiece to produce the quality and depth of sound needed for the bass, especially the lower tones. (This mouthpiece is not recommended for use as a baritone saxophone mouthpiece because of its tendency to voice the pitch a little low on that instrument.)  The identification "BS" is stamped onto the converted mouthpiece to the right of the base of the table.  NOTE: Order Rovner 4R (“Bass/Large Baritone”) ligature to fit, available on the Rovner Ligature page of this web site.

PRICE NOTE:  The Bass Saxophone Mouthpiece price is the price of a Baritone Mouthpiece plus a specially discounted price for the refacing.

AVAILABILITY: A few of these specially created Bass Saxophone mouthpieces are normally kept in stock and are available for immediate shipping, no delays, although immediate availability may vary and cannot be assured in every case.

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