Caravan Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece

The Caravan Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece is a modern manifestation of the vintage large-body open-chamber mouthpiece, producing a dark, harmonically well–balanced sound without being stuffy and restrictive. Its low-register tones are warm and “round” without the rough edges commonly produced by other mouthpieces, while its upper-register tones are full and beautiful without the typical “whining” quality so commonly heard in the baritone’s upper left hand. This baritone mouthpiece is available in one standard facing that has a tip opening of around .075 in.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This large vintage-style hard-rubber mouthpiece requires a ligature with a circumference of nearly 5 inches. If you need a ligature for this mouthpiece, the properly sized Rovner ligature is available on this web site and is an excellent alternative.

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